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The Encore ESP is a reimagining of Baratza’s ubiquitous entry level coffee grinder and features welcome updates to its performance for both espresso grinding and single dosing. Its namesake comes from a clever update to the espresso grinding range, making the ESP far more precise when adjusting between its 20 finest grind settings.



  • Designed as both an espresso and brewed coffee grinder
  • M2 40mm steel burrs
  • dosing cup includes an adapter for both 54 and 58mm portafilters



Designed as both an espresso and brewed coffee grinder, the Encore ESP features a number of improvements over the original Encore, all aimed at improving its performance for espresso grinding and workflow. The most important change is the update to the burrs and the espresso grind range.

The ESP in its name comes from the update to the stepped adjustment between settings 1-20 which now significantly restrict burr movement to help when dialing in espresso. Baratza has also replaced the Encore’s traditional burrs with the conical M2 40mm steel burrs found in the Virtuoso+ to improve grind size distribution. Further aiding in espresso grinding workflow is the inclusion of a portafilter dosing cup in addition to the standard coffee catch bin. The dosing cup includes an adapter for both 54 and 58mm portafilters and comes with a fitted base that can be installed in the grinder to hold it in place while grinding.

The Encore ESP features the same gear reduction motor found in the standard encore to help regulate grinding speed at 550 RPM to reduce heat and static buildup while operating. Coffee is dispensed between 1.5 - 2.4g/sec depending on the grind setting. For easy maintenance, the bean hopper and top burr are easily removed for cleaning access and the motor is equipped with thermal overload protection to cut grinding in the case of overheating.

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