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our story

Charlie and Amelia


Night Sky Coffee Roasters is a small coffee company proudly located in Northeast Georgia. Owned and operated by Charlie (astronomer) and Millie (microbiologist), Night Sky Coffee began as a journey for the perfect cup of coffee and a gateway to engage with the community.  

​We believe in helping to cultivate a community by offering fresh quality coffee for people to enjoy in good company.

 We are excited for the opportunity to share, serve, listen, and give back.

Night Sky Coffee is devoted to promoting social equality, sustainability and socially responsible business practices.  In doing so, we aim to maximize our contribution to the community and ensure everyone in the supply chain, customers, suppliers, importers and farmers, all benefit as a part of the Night Sky Coffee family.

We hope you will join us in our vision and welcome us into your family.



We compassionately source seasonal coffee from family farms using responsible importers. This means we can offer truly exceptional fresh coffee to our customers year round.  Each coffee bean is roasted in-house • on-Earth to bring out its best characteristics in order to honor the harvesting farmer and provide the best to our customers.


We continually work hard to curate new stellar blends for our customers based on feedback. Help us discover your favorite coffee!

Light roast

● ● ○ ○ ○

emphasize brightness, floral to fruity notes and a light body. 

Medium roast

● ● ● ○ ○

focuses on balanced acidity, sweetness and body.                     

Dark roast

● ● ● ● ○

showcase sweet/nuttier notes, low acidity, and bold body. 



How do you like your coffee? Brewing coffee at home can be fun, entertaining, relaxing or a complex experiment in thermodynamics. Everyone can make excellent coffee at home. We have put together some of our favorite recipes to share with you.

coffee cupping
Coffee Roaster



Every bean we roast at Night Sky Coffee has a story.  From the roots of the coffee plants, to the family roots that hold the farms together, from us to you, we are all part of that story. By paying a fair price at every stage for the work that goes into every bean, we are building a business model that will be around long after us for generations to enjoy. And this is a quality that we think our patrons can stand behind.

We believe that holding ourselves to high standards, running a responsible business, and treating all with respect creates a community for everyone.

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