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Night Sky Coffee works hard to incorporate responsibility into every aspect of our business.  We are acutely aware, as a coffee roaster, that at many stages of the supply chain we contribute to the greenhouse gases warming our planet.  This is why we encourage continuous improvement to limit our impact through informed practices with the goal of limiting our carbon footprint. By striving to be a leader of social, economic and environmental stewardship in our community and supporting these initiatives we push ourselves and others to do more.


Feel good knowing that even when our coffee bags, boxes and labels are properly disposed with regular trash, its impact on the environment will be much less compared to regular plastic/foil material made from 100% non-renewable resources and is not considered biodegradable in any way.

  • 12 oz coffee is packaged in Biotrē 1.0 coffee bags (60% renewable wood pulp and 40% petroleum based by weight). The wood pulp portion will compost into soil in about 90 days in your back yard compost, but the liner and valve will then need to be removed and disposed of.

  • 4 oz coffee samples are packaged in ELEVATE coffee bags, which are made from bio-based and fully compostable zipper, degassing valve and laminated film.

  • Coffee labels are natural sugarcane paper from Pure, which are certified compostable.

  • Shipping labels are heat transfer labels from Pure, which are certified compostable.

  • Packing tape is kraft water activated, made from renewable materials, biodegradable and can be recycled.

  • Shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled or composted.


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We use importers who pay at or above fair trade prices for quality coffee and support efforts that impact positive change in the industry.

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We purchase electricity from renewable resources through the Green Power EMC program and strive to make informed energy choices.

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We purchase used equipment when available. Our Diedrich roaster uses efficient IR burners and propane a more eco-friendly fuel option.

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Night Sky Coffee is always looking towards the future and how we can lower our overall footprint on the environment.  We are looking for ways to improve our sustainability and inclusivity as a business and within the community.  We need to make it a priority to turn our words into action. These are some of our goals and pledges we have moving forward to limit our impact from the coffee farm to the coffee cup.

  • Become a Certified B Corporation

  • Reduce our carbon footprint

  • Promote inclusivity by advancing gender, social and ethnic equality

  • Invest in causes with a focus on food security and poverty reduction

  • Recyclable products only

  • Afterburner to reduce harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds) created during the roasting process

  • Utilize sustainable energy sources (solar, wind and bio)

  • Reuse coffee grounds and chaff  for gardening, compost and animal bedding

  • Annual sustainability assessment report for transparency 

  • Collaborations promoting collective movements and accomplishments


Light pollution is a side effect of an industrialized civilization.  Excessive or ineffective lighting can affect the wildlife, our night sky, the climate and the environment. The main source of light pollution comes from exterior buildings, advertisements and street lights, which in some cases are unnecessary. Choosing effective lighting that is shielded and directed properly can make a big difference. If we all do our part, we can keep the night sky dark and full of stars for all to enjoy. For more information on light pollution visit:

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