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Brewing a Greener Tomorrow: Night Sky Coffee and the VortX Eco Filter

Date: 12/19/23

We are getting ready to open our doors to the public!

When you step into Night Sky Coffee Roasters in downtown Winder, Georgia, you're not just entering a coffee shop – you're immersing yourself in a commitment to quality coffee and environmental responsibility. At the heart of this dedication is our innovative use of the VortX eco filter, a cutting-edge technology created by founders Ron Kleist, Willem Boot and Ren Tubergen at VortX. By adopting this new technology we can go beyond making great coffee to contribute to a cleaner and healthier atmosphere for our beloved home in Winder, Georgia.

The Roasting Revolution

Coffee roasting is an art, but it's also a process that, if not managed properly, can release pollutants into the air. Night Sky Coffee understands the importance of striking a balance between crafting the perfect roast and minimizing its environmental impact. That's where the VortX eco filter comes in.

This state-of-the-art afterburner is designed to mitigate pollutants generated during the roasting process. It works by "combining the energy of a high efficiency cyclone and the power of atomized water to remove chaff & dust below 10 micron and dramatically reduce the smoke, odor and CO2 from coffee roasting exhaust." Night Sky Coffee is proud to be at the forefront of this roasting revolution, setting an example for sustainable practices within the community.

Clearing the Air in Historic Winder

Winder's downtown is not just a hub of commerce and community; it's a living, breathing entity that deserves the best air quality possible. The VortX eco filter will be installed at Night Sky Coffee in conjunction with our Diedrich IR

2.5 coffee roaster 'The Little Dipper'. By actively reducing pollutants, this technology contributes to the overall well-being of downtown Winder, ensuring that residents, visitors, and business owners alike can breathe easy.

For more information about the VortX eco filter visit the website at

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